Pressure Cooker-My Envy

Many more items
Stuffed inside
Cooked well
Matter of time!

Fire stimulates
Steam slops
Heat permeates
Food is ready

Compelled to compare
The pressure
I am putting inside-
my mind so often!

Nothing is smashed
Till my death
What is wrong?
Process so different?
The selection is done
Materials are chosen
Washed beforehand
Arranged in order

For me alas!
Where is the selection?
No discrimination
Ruthless dumping!

Oh! Cooker has one entry
Lid in place
Conditions controlled
Supervision guaranteed!

Nine holes luxury
No entry prohibited
No closing till cremation
Nonsense nonstop

Pathetic creature
Pervasive everywhere
Incompetent to beat cooker
Oh! Almighty what a pity?

by rajagopal haran

Comments (2)

An honest look at nostalgia. Excellent, Davd
ahh...but the memory knows, does it not? ? thank you for taking me into that place where I try not to go....the memories...but, they are nice