An Old Friend, Now A Lover

You were my male bestfriend.
You know all my secrets.
When I'm in a bad mood,
You make my day.

You want to know how I fell,
And I ask you the same.
Your unique in your own way
And I love that.

You like me for me...
I'm crazy, I love to fight
But I'm passionate at what I do.
Your not like other boys
And I'm proud to say
I have you for myself
And your here to stay

Your everything I need and more
Your the only one that I want
You bring warmth to my heart
I found my heaven on Earth

Your sweet, funny, and smart
I found myself all of a
Sudden soaked in your love
If you don't see it I'm telling

I adored are friendship but
Now there's love between us

Copyright (c) 9-10-09 Shakera St. John

by Shakera St. John

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