CK (January 27,1972 / Quincy, Massachusetts)

An Old Friend To Walk With Or: Understanding Harry Haller

Walk along with me for the night is bright
and my tender dream-cages need to be broken

Before the sun dawned and lived
we were here breathing through grass walls
and sparkling blue

Comets streamed above and rivers were foamed
with light
and you whispered, 'this is such a gift' into the blue doors
of the night.

I can remember a woodland god who sang hymns
to the Earth and to Earth's sister, Venus
and to her sanguine brother, Mars.

Before the moon glowed irridescent upon dark water, on meadow and stream
we lived.
I yawned, half-asleep, as my best eye followed the shimmer of a shooting star
across the galactic realm swirling above.

I lay for an hour afterwards, a thin smile showing white teeth
in the darkness, arms crossed loosely upon my breast as the
great-horned called out my secret name.

Walk along with me now, for the night is bright and
I can tell you why the owl's eyes are large and why in the green forest
the morning unveils truth with ancient mists and dew.

Let us walk along for the night is so beautifully silent & bright.

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