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An Old Grave Without A Headstone

An old grave without a name or a headstone I wonder who was buried here
It must have been a long time ago I wonder what month of what year?
The grave site of male or female who died many decades ago,
Whose bones lay here without a name I wonder does anyone know?

The concrete borders around it look old and the weeds on it grow rank and wild
The old grave of a woman or man, an old person or a young child
All of the other graves well kept and clean some with a photo of the dead
And only one anonymous site of that person nothing is said.

'Tis sad to think one is forgotten not one mention of he or she
Now lost to the decay of time and long faded from human memory
Everyone ought to be remembered I feel but one without a name or a headstone
More than likely died very poor and more than likely died alone.

An old grave without a headstone neglected and in need of care
Nobody upon it lay flowers and kneel by it head bowed in prayer
The weeds on it grow rank and wild and where weeds grow decay only seen
The other graves well attended to the headstones all polished and clean.

by Francis Duggan

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