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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (13) (When Old Love Died, It Left Trouble)

Mrs Wo was a 57- year-old food seller,
married to her husband...a truck driver.
Mr Chen is a 71-year-old upholsterer.
All involved in a love.....a triangular.
Chen and Wo had an extra-marital affair,
for a couple of years.
One early morning, Chen took Wo to a motel,
for sleeping together,
so secret, not to tell.
Before love-making,
she ate a meat dumpling,
which choked her wind-pipe,
threatening her life.
She went to bathroom to get it out in a failed attempt.
She sprawled on the floor and died an instant death,
while Chen was waiting in bed.
As she did not come out from the bath-room,
his impatience started to loom.
He opened the door and found her cyanosed and blue.
Calling the ambulance was what he could do.
He was caught red-handed.
A serious crime of adultery he had committed.
He was sued as home -wrecker.
He was no more a good grandfather.
It was not a matter of ' kiss and tell'.
It was a matter of ' die and tell'.
leaving a lot of shame and trouble.
Oh, old man, you wanted to have a blissful tryst,
but fate had dealt you a deadly twist.

(based on true story)

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