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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (15) (Sleeping Naked)

The bold wife was on a trip out of city.
In a moonless night..hot and high humidity
The old husband slept alone naked,
without covering with a blanket.
Then there occured a big earthquake,
the building he lived did vigorously shake,
making him to run down to a nearby football ground,
without wearing any clothes like night gown.
His wife called him by hand phone,
asking any damage to the home.
She then asked if he had time to wear clothes.
He answered people could not see things very close.
because the power tower collapsed and broken down,
the electric current out, pitch-darkness was everywhere in the town.
She worried that he be seen like a gigolo,
in a brightly-lit show,
inviting from on-lookers ' oh! , no! , no! '
From that day on, he was not allowed to sleep naked,
even the weather so hot like oven-baked.

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