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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife(3) (Afraid Of Wife)

One day, the old man was attending,
The only married-man gathering,
' Afraid of wife ' was the topic in the talking,
The members were exactly one hundred,
To divide them into 2 groups...who dread and who not dread,
There were 99 people moving into the dread group,
But the old man was left there in the not dread.....lonely stood,
Totally in a bad mood,
All were stricken amazed,
How could the old man be not afraid?
Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!
How could he dare?
He is always nearly die,
By her angry, glaring eye,
When asked, he answered, 'not to follow what other people do.'
Which is a sacred and strict rule,
Set by his big and bold wife,
Which must be obeyed till the end of his life,
He did exactly what she had told,
Oh! old man, you are really a poor soul,
Your reputation has dropped into the bottomless hole.

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