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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (4) (Teeth And Tongue)

Some couples say to each other,
' O, my darling, you are my heart and lung,
Without you, I am surely done.'
The bold wife says' We not only say,
But also have a play.'
We are teeth and tongue,
Playing it is really fun,
Teeth and tongue are so close, so snug,
Like lovers having tightening hug,
But sometimes the tongue is hurt by accidental biting,
while eating,
Not with bad intention,
The old husband always plays the tongue role,
The bold wife always plays the teeth role,
From him, his role she sometimes stole,
That was nagging and scathing scold,
O! old man, you are really a poor soul,
For breaking off the teeth, you are too weak and old,
It is you, who will first 'go'.

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