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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (5) (Old Flame)

The old husband wants to meet his old flame,
so that he could rekindle the love game,
not in real life,
but in a dream at night,
so before going to bed, he must look smart.
His hair neatly cut,
the teeth thoroughly brushed.
His hair well groomed,
with a spray of perfume.
His hair changed into black with a dye,
he must also wear the suit and a neck-tie.
His whisker well shaved,
he must like a gentleman well-behaved.
His face cleansed of grease,
his shirt well-ironed without a crease.
His shoes must be shined,
his pocket full of cash, not clang, clang of useless dime.

Excitement and anxiety make him fully awake,
effect of rush of adrenaline can't be braked.
He tosses and turns in the squeaky bed,
his wife sleeps zzzzzzz like floppy dead.
Breaking the silence of the night with a loud snore,
ignoring the crow of rooster as morning call,
well into the late morning until sleeping becomes very bore.
But for the old man, ' wake up early.'is the rule and law.
After 3 times of rooster's crow,
his repentance rapidly grows.
He gets up at the dawn,
with his mouth widely yawned.
He goes to work totally sleep-deprived,
rapidly in a flight and fearful fright.

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Hello..! ! ! good to hear a nice........nights tale... :))
I read your whole series.... One to five and enjoyed each one immensely! Humor was nice to read!