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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife(6) Wrinkled Tattoos.

In his youth, the old husband was a body builder,
so muscular and chiseled like a male sculpture.
He had his girlfriend's picture tattooed in his chest,
bicep, tricep and the back.
Almost exposing the private parts in bikini-clad,
so sexy with wavy curve,
provoking the on-looker's envy and lust,
with seducing eye and inviting lip,
full breast and broad hip,
narrow waist and long legs.
When he displayed his muscles......contracted and flexed,
stretched and relaxed,
the tattoos looked like dancing in elegant steps.
Every tattoo had her name,
that caused him a big shame.
Because in real life,
she looked otherwise.
If the tattoo specialist tattooed what she really looked like,
maybe he would be stabbed with a knife,
by now he won't be alive.

At the age of 50, he became so fat,
as his skin was so stretched,
so the tattooed pictures looked so big and fat,
so she became so sad.
She didn't like him baring his chest.

At 80, he is now sick and thin,
his skin loses luster and is wrinkling,
cos the underlying supporting tissue,
becoming so weak and loose,
The tattoos look like a picture on paper..so creased,
causing her breathe a sigh with a heave,
She then never allows the old husband to expose the upper part of trunk,
even in the heat of summer months.
Once his beautiful tattoos
are now her haunting taboos.

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wow i like this poem...when i read it i have an image of everything...and thanks for the comment *bb*