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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (7) Latest Weight-Reducing Method.

The old man was fat and gained extra-pounds of weight.
He worked as a manager in his middle age.
He never had time to do exercise for health sake.
He had to socialize with friends, customers and business partners.
Wine, dine, smoke became his everyday regular.
He was disappointed by his bold wife,
who couldn't think of a way......right.

One day, she was putting wet clothes on the line.
A brilliant idea struck her mind.
She dropped some clothes from 5th floor balcony to the ground,
then asked her hubby to climb the stair down.
He did so and the clothes were recovered.
Though unhappy, he hid his anger.
Shortly after that, the wife shouted the clothes were flown away,
asking him to chase after though he was in dismay.
He went down and brought back the clothes,
and then went straight to his room with its door closed.
He was going to have a good nap,
but boiled with tiredness
feeling so sad,
drenching in sweat.

Then the wife was at the end of her wit.
Suddenly she had another gimmick,
so smart but a little risk.
She dropped three 100 yuan bank- note onto the below pavement,
and yelled at him to pick for her at once without postponement.
He got up half-sleep to look for the money from balcony.
He saw and climbed down the stair very speedily.
When he reached the spot where the bank-note were,
they were gone and disappeared.

They reported the case to the police,
who didn't know where to catch the culprit.
We didn't want the old husband jump from balcony to his death,
thus putting the abuse he suffered to rest.

(based on true story from Mainland China)

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