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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (8) (The Older, The Richer, The Better, The Chance)

The old husband felt fed-up with his wife,
who tortured him physically and mentally day and night.
He didn't want that way to spend his life.
Only if he became a millionaire overnight,
he would divorce her at once,
without thinking a minute twice.
He bought a lottery ticket for winning a big prize.
He day-dreamed of eating best food, not present plain rice,
of buying Mercedes, not present bullock-cart ride,
of not living in a shanty hut but in a building of high rise,
of re-marrying a beautiful woman.
Then he consulted with his friends,
about any chance to win a bride.
They told him the truth, not taking bias or side.
They said ' the older you are, the greater the chance,
the richer you are, the better the chance.'
making his mood happy with a dance.

The old husband didn't know how to read between the lines.
The woman loves, not him but his gold mine.

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Very wise parable indeed. Very creative and clever.