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An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (9) (No Free Lunch, Only Punch)

The old husband was exercising in the public park,
drenching in sweat and breathed with a huff and puff.
Then 2 spicy-hot girls approached him in a happy manner,
as if meeting a long-lost uncle.
Giving him a cold drink and wiping his sweat,
inviting him to a place for relax and rest.
His eyes popped with a spark,
thinking that he was favored by a good luck.
He was taken to a nearby motel.
He thought he was going to have a moment wild like a hell.

The girls asked him to take a bath,
before he was given the best massage.
He got into the bath-room to have a shower,
with his naked body wrapped in a towel.
His clothes, wrist watch, money were left outside,
The girls took them all and ran away in a flight,
leaving a note saying that they went out to buy some food.
He never thought of the disappearance which was for good.

He felt heavy in his eye-lid and he slept,
because the drink he took was laced with sleeping tablets.
He woke up to discover the thing was not right,
reporting to police about the shameful plight.

Oh! old man, poor man, there is under the sun no free lunch.
You really deserve a knock-out punch,
thrown by your bold wife,
for a bitter lesson of your life.

(based on true story)

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