An Old Man

Poem By vijay gupta

An old man
White haired and white bearded old man was sitting on the bench before the flowers.
& fragrance of flower was around him.
He has a cane in his hand & a woolen shawl was on his shoulder.
I think he may be the luckiest person of the earth.
But I was wrong.
He was full of unhappiness & was victim of loneliness.
In the seventies he was.
His wife was no more now.
His children were adult & running on their own track of life.
They were seeking only for money & worldly happiness.
Women, wine & commercial circle was their life.
This old man has no significance in their life.
Their families have their own busy schedule.
They have no words & time for the old man.
He was just passing his leisure time among flowers,
on the roads & among news papers.
No one was there to hear his comments & hearty feelings.
So he was the unluckiest person of the world.

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old is always gold. a great write,

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