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1835, Invention Of Mirror

Poet Chan Mongol
October 21 of 2019

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me hello mirror
Where you been 2 hundreds years before?
Mohammad, Jesus, Abram, Moses
Buddha couldn't have seen own faces.
Even, Alexander the great, the world conqueror
He had no chance to see own face in mirror.
World was running trillions of years without mirrors
It was invented by a German and came to our doors.
German chemist invented thin paint, looks like the tar
One side of the glass painted with crumbs of silver.
In 1835, the successful invention of mirror was made
The German chemist was Justus von Liebig as was said.
To know thyself and to see own front and face
A mirror is so so important for all of us nowadays.
Back side and inside are hidden and fixed innate
Face and front are outside and a mirror is to dictate.
To show index of mind, we all want to look better
To be liked, the front side is checked by the mirror.

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Comments (6)

That single coin.how it gives the old man immense pleasure to dream so high...touching story poem...and the picture is also a good selection- 10++++
Thank you my friend for this intriguing portrait of an elderly man in your country. It is good for the poets of this site to see that we are truly more alike than we are different. 10
With a single coin he has many dreams. Outstanding line. And an outstanding poem! Really enjoyed it, Kumarmani!
Walking with the help of stick to buy dreams for his grandson, I feel for this man. Nice touchy poem.10+++
A very nice picture you have captured by your words.
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