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An Old Man's Crumbles........
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An Old Man's Crumbles........

Poem By Ravi Sathasivam

I am an old man and no matter I say or do.
But still I am living with my stubbornness heart

I have complications with health history
and hospitals always welcome me

Sometime, my heart beats so hard and my veins are twisting me mad
But still I manage to do my work on my own

My walking stick is great support for me
If not, I would not able to stand on the road

Sleep brings me nightmares with forecast scenarios
but when I wake up in the morning I feel nothing but freezing body and feet

My memory is failing and my soul is falling
My head is turning and my life is shortening

How do I spent my youthful life all these days?
Well, nothing much to tell about it because I am not married either.

I really love to recollect my good old days
but my memory of tears kept them away

Youth become major and old become gold. So they say
But sometimes I wonder where do I find my way around

Before I go to bed, I keep my ears in the drawer,
my teeth in a glass of water and my both eyes on the side table

When my sleep overtakes me, I don't hear anything,
my teeth don't feel cold and I don't see anything either

I get up each morning and reset my bones from my sleepy body
Later I pick up the news paper to read world news and sad news these days

If my name is missing in the obituary column, thanks God I am not dead
So I continue to do my work as usual till the day ends.

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @Sept,2010 Ravi Sathasivam

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