An Old Man's Memories

Is it May? is it May? did I hear some one say
Oh blessed maytime. My thoughts wing away are you there in the orchard-petals in your
Do I hear your soft laughter- are you there- are you there?
Will your hand touch mine as we walk through the grass
Will we stroll by the river- my sweet lass- my sweet lass
Can I touch your face as you stand by my side
Your smile is sweet- don't hide- please-don't hide
We carved our names on that tree in May now I remember- you went away
You went away and the blossoms died
But I am here and my heart has cried that in Maytime you'd come- but years have flown
and only your ghost has the orchard known
My eyes are dim- only memory's clear is it Maytime again? are you there my dear
Are you there?

by Olive Lumb

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