"An Old Man Search For Joy"

Can a man of old age find joy in his day of old?
Truly there is joy and light! If he search in the
Deepest core of his heart, there is a light, brighter
Than the sun that shine each day, whether it be
Sunny or gray. A light of truth that stands still in
His heart, as the candle without the fire, that
Desires, a spark. Waiting to explode as a huge
Volcano, or maybe a flick of flint. Truly joy is in
The light that is deep in his heart. If he search
After it, it will grow. If he refuse it, it will
Continue to drift away, as a bottle cast into the
Open sea, or a kite airborne with a broken string.
"Joy, light, all the same within the heart, hidden
Deep as the fossils of the days of old, search" I say,
As looking for a hidden treasure, while the time of
Life beats as the wave against the rocks on the sea
Shore. Before life is no more, find it quick, joy in the
Light of the heart.

by Kelvin Broadwater

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This is a very great piece of work. I am awed sir, awed. 10++ Excellent