An Old Man Sitting Under A Tree

Poem By Qiniso Mogale

An old man sitting under a tree
Sees much further than a boy
standing on top of a tree
An old man sittting at the bottom of a mountain
sees further than a boy standing on top of a mountain
The old man has acquired unmatched wisdom
The boy thinks foolishness is wisdom.

When the old man offers advice
The boy laughs mockingly
When the boy grows taller than the father
He thinks that he is now older than the father
That's why most of the youth are in graves
That's why most of the youth are in prisons
That's why most of the youth lie critically in hospitals
That's why many die young
That's why many wont experience old age
They refuse to listen to old men
They scorn the advice of old men
Standing on top of a tree a boy mistakenly believes
that he sees further than an old man sitting under the tree.

Comments about An Old Man Sitting Under A Tree

An insighful ballad tganks for sharing I enjoyed it a lot. Great write and message in this poem
Great poem! It is well written and the message is understood of a old man sitting under a tree who's more experienced and wiser than a boy sitting on top of a tree who's not.
Sagacity of old age is beautifully and appealingly captured in the poem. A great piece of work, focused and factual. Thanks for sharing Qiniso.
Direct and precise Well done!
Congratulations for poem of the day Quiniso.. Nicely written

5,0 out of 5
12 total ratings

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