Sikkim – The Fairy Tale Land That This World Is Lucky To Have

On the lap of snow-white mountains – amidst lush green forests and crystal clear rivers – there lies a fairy tale land

Named Sikkim, it is a land that in the true sense is amazing, magnificent and grand.

Boasting of rich and colourful folk cultures, courtesy its indigenous communities

Sikkim also has a marvelous religious appeal, being a key hub of Buddhist practice.

It is a spectacular land that personifies beauty, enigma, mysticism and myth

It is a piece of land that this world is genuinely fortunate to have been endowed with.

by Raja Basu

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Thank you, Siddhartha.
I love this poem.
*** 古池や蛙飛びこむ水の音 - - - - furu ike ya / kawazu tobikomu / mizu no oto an ancient pond / a frog jumps in / the splash of water [1686] ***
oh, I love love love the reversal! ! ! ! !
old pond leap-frog r-i-n-g-s-
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