An Old-Time Lay

Where your brood seven lie,
Float in calm heavenly,
Life passing evenly,
Waterfowl, waterfowl! often I dream
For a rest
Like your nest,
Skirting the stream.

Shine the sun tearfully
Ere the clouds clear fully,
Still you skim cheerfully,
Swallow, oh! swallow swift! often I sigh
For a home
Where you roam
Nearing the sky!

Guileless of pondering;
Swallow-eyes wandering;
Seeking no fonder ring
Than the rose-garland Love gives thee apart!
Grant me soon--
Blessed boon!
Home in thy heart!

by Victor Marie Hugo

Comments (5)

Where you roam! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Life passing evenly. Thanks for sharing this poem here.
Floating in calmness in heavenly pleasure is wise ever. Remaining in wisdom of God we can float in calmness. Sun shines tearfully and clouds shine fully clearly. An exceptional and extra ordinary poem is composed with great imagery. Excellent poem this is...10
Such a brilliant poem.......
Grant me soon- Blessed boon! Home in thy heart! Wonderful and imaginative write.