Alternate Universe

I live in a magical world,
where imagination grows.
And where the sky is almost always
as purple as the snow.
When I go to sleep at night
in my five foot floating bed,
pictures from another place
start flipping through my head.
I see frightful images
as I strive so hard to dream.
But all the things I see from there
just make me want to scream!
I've seen things so horrid
that I could sometimes cry.
And I just wonder why
so many people always die.
When I wake, I'm glad to see
my neighbors shaking hands.
I just wish that we could teach
this to that other land.
Last night I dreamt another girl
was dreaming of me too.
But when she went outside to play,
her skies were always blue.

by Jenna LeAnn

Comments (8)

There in the darkness! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Nicely works is done here with the lively images well painted in this poem...
My first time reading this, but I’m interested to explore more of Noyes’ poetry. This well-crafted poem with a minimum of words conveys a poignant story of survival at sea and grief. -GK
Telling rhymes when they force the need for action. 'he's numbed with cold'. 'come loosen your hold'. A sad poem where we have no power to enter or change life as and when it departs.
Come. Loosen your fingers.' - ' O God, let me keep him! ' touching. Beautiful poem.
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