Romancing The Beard

What women are attracted to
Though to some it may seem weird
Is a man who has a curl-i-que
That we’ve come to call a beard

They seem to love what’s hair-ly
On the chin and down below
That hair they find so rarely
Is that hair that they can’t grow

They love that tickly feeling
When caressing bearded men
Those beards just send them reeling
For those men they have a yen

These ladies have this craving
For men with chin filled bristles
These men who do no shaving
Who have these chin filled frizzles

A beard can really dazzle
When covering a jawline
With it’s sexy kind of frazzle
It can dazzle any fraulein

by Stanley Cooper

Comments (4)

Nice comparisons here. Lovely write, enjoyed reading it very much. Nice flow too. Love Ernestine XXX
And you have held the pen well.I loved all of this and the part that stuck out most for me was'Heartache and sorrow, many things may go wrong. The paper may tear but the pages are strong. This is so good I will try to learn from your tallents.Love Duncan
Like this poem, like the metiphore and I love the last line. It leaves you with that wonderful image. You are holding the pen. - INVICTUS 'I am the master of my fate: I am the Captain of my soul' Gary
I loved this one Sylvia, what a clever write. I love the thought of life being a book and you turn each page as you go along. Lovely story. a pleasure to read. Love Ernestine XXX