An Open Book

Sadness, sickness and family glory.
This is our live's a never ending story
Up's and downs trials and error's
tied up with pain, stress and terrors.
Let's say our live's start like a book
Well it's time we opened it and had a look
Each year you will grow, and a page you will
turn, getting brighter each day as you're willing,
to learn.
As the years roll on, your chapter gets longer.
Every page you turn, your body gets stronger
When your body is mature, and full grown.
It's the end of a part works, a full score years,
have flown. Your story will go on as life flys by.
Then man becomes a hero, reaching for the sky.
With the building of bridges and the conquering,
of heights. Then life and time is the traveller,
as you hold on to the days and nights.
Heartache and sorrow, many things may go wrong.
The paper may tear but the pages are strong.
Then life has become solid, like the strength,
of a brick. Bind it in leather as it's many pages thick.
Your book could be a best seller, one that reads swell.
Your life can be the same, if you hold the pen well

by sylvia spencer

Comments (4)

Nice comparisons here. Lovely write, enjoyed reading it very much. Nice flow too. Love Ernestine XXX
And you have held the pen well.I loved all of this and the part that stuck out most for me was'Heartache and sorrow, many things may go wrong. The paper may tear but the pages are strong. This is so good I will try to learn from your tallents.Love Duncan
Like this poem, like the metiphore and I love the last line. It leaves you with that wonderful image. You are holding the pen. - INVICTUS 'I am the master of my fate: I am the Captain of my soul' Gary
I loved this one Sylvia, what a clever write. I love the thought of life being a book and you turn each page as you go along. Lovely story. a pleasure to read. Love Ernestine XXX