(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Open Conversation

Everyone has been heard.
And many feel undeserving,
Of the unexpected outcome.
That upsets a protected,
Deluded way of life...
For too long accepted.

But what has occurred,
Is a curve that touches nerves.
And for the first time,
Everyone is found together...
Awakening to find,
One thing finally in common.
An open conversation...
About a decision made,
That has potential to end...
Created divisions between them.

'This road taken,
Is not as bumpy as I expected.'

-What did you expect?
The same familiar regrets.
And people you have yet met.
To accept opinions made about them.
To now find reality to discover,
Has changed your mind? -

'Not only that.
But my once kept biases,
I lived completely...
Detached from the facts.'

-Welcome back to humanity.
As it was meant to be.
Collectively discussed.
And the color of one's skin,
Has nothing to do...
With who should get more,
Or less respect.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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