(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

An Opinion On This

We owe more than even our grand
kids can pay who are we kidding.
Not me my ATM stopped working
I guess it is out of money, but why?
Are all kids hyperactive now or am I?
People do move kind of slow and
their voices sound like the biz of
bees to me.
Why are some people always up
and others are never awake?
I always have an opinion on the
important things but why should I
if you don't.
I am an AmeriCan if I cannot bleed
in the field I bleed at the bank
in every way.

by James McLain

Comments (2)

this is a pathetic state for our country to be in. Wasteful spending has finally caught up. good read
You got my point, my friend. We all bleed the same color. Green... Keep it comin'.