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Apathy Poem
JBE (5 April 1934 / Mounds, Il)

Apathy Poem

Laborious for no worthy gain,
Spat on by the Imps of pain,
All for naught, this effort seems,
As noted in my nightly dreams.

To please my fellow man,
Scarcely e'er was my plan,
For myself this life be lived,
To him, no answer shall I give.

In the sea of Apathy,
I find my resting place.
In a twisted sense it seems
An alleviating Grace;

Upon the shores of Counsel,
My burdens do I cast,
To prance along down Solace,
Forsaking all things past;

In the face of Effort
I toss my malcontent,
In the feilds of Wisdom,
My time of day is spent.

No regard for Effort
for which there is no gain,
Upon wings of Apathy I soar,
Free of guilt and shame.

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War on drugs................ obviously a misnomer! Many someones are getting rich off that 'so called war', I say legalize and take the profit away... but then what do I know? I'm not sure anyone has the answer to this one. I once had an addiction to diet pills [speed]...... my supplier was a doctor.
oh james, so true everything you said. but how did they get people to want it in the first place. my brother, my mothers youngest son, died of bad crack, and was dead for two days before he was found. there is a poem on that also. so privelidged i am to read your poetry that address so clearly the ratty side.
Very well said and written; good points are made with few words. leaves me wanting to read your others (and I will) . PS Thanks for reading mine. Keith
So true... it tears families and homes apart. Well said
Very well put and to the argravation point... My niece died 2 years ago from a lethal overdose of herion, to this day has not been deceted and 2 others in neighboring cites were also affected..... Drugs are a nightmare for all involved... GET the SELLERS, Pushers, while columbia makes its income off of alot of drugs.... Can not understand and never will........ Very good piece.... a 10! ! Bonnie
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