NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

An Unanswered Shrink Session

and so i said
'if rain in spain,
falls mainly on the plain,
do kittens in britian,
only chew
marks and spencers,
and if lego made
in moskow,
gets lost in the snow,
do action men,
in Harlem,
get ballet lessons
from Barbie,
for ten wraps of crack'
he looked at me,
removed his spectacles,
and said,
'i think we should
continue this next week'
but doctor
i pleaded
it is not right to think this way,
all in good time son,
we will tackle this another day.
keep writing down how you feel...

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I seriouosly laughed out loud! Wonderful and darkly amusing. Joy