An Unavoidable Fate

My name is taylor
13 today horay
but from that dream
i can not stray
got a letter today
from my dad
it got me so mad
it said not to look for him
so i left my brother and mother
and went to find him

i didn't know i had a stalker
who followed me town to town
he was quite not much of a talker
and then i died no lie
and i woke up screaming for my life
i pulled my self from the hollow box
who said being in a cofin rocks

and so i carried on
find my father i did
he taught me many new things
fire earth water wind
a gift this power brings

and when i went out
i found my killer
but from above i fell in love
there was a dark side to him
and when he he said he loved me

time stood still
i didnt realise he was my kill
when he went back to his roots
i followed silenlty 3 years past
and im home at last

i'am 16 now
and walking alone
i found
my brother kye he's 13 now
by acident of cource
and he knew who i was
filled with love for him

dropped my gaurd i did
and next thing i knew
my lover found me and my brother
he took kye away made him pay
used him as bait i was the fish

i faught him and almost killed me
but my heart took over
and he got the chance
we faught some more in a dance
and when i had no strengh

my brother cried help me sister
plz oh why and curled in to a ball
crying in pain and as
he emerged a new power he gained
he jump from the rock water in hand
shot my lover down on to the land

i told my brother to stop
and he looked at me sad
i pulled my lover up
and said he was bad
i told him i loved him
and sent him to a place
where he will find no love or grace

so me and my brother crawled back to dad
told him our wish and told him we were sad
he frowned and said.......

what are you talking about your mothers not dead
WHAT me and my brother wisperd hand in hand
so come be with me beacuse this is my fated destiny

by amber shoremarston

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