An Uncontestable Beauty

Shall I call thee a work of art
Specially crafted in every glamourous part,
An uncontestable beauty, looking so unique
With figure so photogenic in your very physique
A portrait having much splendour, then aesthetic
Exceptionally pretty, to be rated as classic
Attractive to my senses, just so gorgeous
Like a priceless jewel, looking so precious
With eyes worth hypnotizing but magnificent
Testifying to your beauty I'll always consent
Crested with much perfection, how exquisite
Taking admiration of thee, a basic requisite
With radiant smiles, so entrancing and alluring
Far enchanting, with manners so blistering
In my mind lies a picture of your comeliness
Backed up by your very observable loveliness
An uncontestable beauty, being so unanimous
Spreading a nice gesture, just so magnanimous
Wielder of such beauty, looking so resplendent,
Being quite attractive, to make me confident.

by Dowell Oba

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