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An Uncontrollable Act (The Voice Of A Terrorist)

As i travel by car,
on an unconventional journey,
i feel the sunlight,
angrily slam itself at,
the back of my neck,
All my depressing feelings,
mix themselves into a water pond,
of an immutable act,
where i just pick up,
the gun and all that,
is heard is several,
shots that tear the breeze
into shreds, strips fail,
to float above the heads,
as bullets graze hairs,
like a lawn mower,
that mowes the grass,
Nothing that i can recall,
that i can think,
ever made my thinking,
expand, my life better,
I have come to the
conclusion, that fate is
the most cruel of all
masters who cling on
silently to the iron curtain,
waiting to pull the chains,
stealthily so that the
jack in the box,
will spring out with,
endless rhymes of blaming the self......................

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well written instropective thoughts..narrated well...10 Ency Bearis