(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

An Uneven Lot

My hands are uneven;
The one that seeks is long
And the other that lends is short.

My eyes are uneven;
The one for women is wide
And the other for the poor is weak..

My ears are uneven;
The one for applause is sharp
And the other for critics is weak.

My heart too is uneven;
The left half is fat for lust
And the right is thin for concern
Everyone has turned like me;
The fabric is loosening
And selfishness brings ruins.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Comments (4)

the dual nature of man brought with his organs there...lovely
superb well done! ! ............
a scathing satire with delightful words sathya narayana
Cool poem...points out the truth we all try hiding