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An Unexpected Meeting
(12-05-1990 / Hull)

An Unexpected Meeting

Poem By Danny, James Archer

Long I have dreamed of a resolved world,
of a time and place where we all embrace.
However, in truth we lie out on the floor,
red fears exhalted on the green ordered row.

Now among the crooked planes,
I thought it was in good we fought.
And see the enemy drive near,
without that look of national hate.

There policies were layed to rest,
on the point of bayonette,
and though the war still rages on
mine and his is long and gone.

'my friend, what have we done this for? '
our language was the same
'I have no reason to ignore,
this man has felt MY pain.'


And now the room is all filled up
the white now turns to black,
the dead lay on the filling floor,
arms half streched is if in prayer.
There begging me to help them,
my eyes are filling up,
the smell of cess of nations
is all i have left of senses other than smell.

His eyes beared down in welcoming,
I look again and they are gone,
this skull is smiling sarcastically.
I look the same as him.

We are all the same in death!
we, in life, should make more of it.
national pride? why is that more than
where your born? lines on a map!
other beleifs? beleifs are exactally that
I killed this man, this man killed me.

have you ever had an anagnorisis,
I have, its just a shame it took
my death to realise how id been wrong in life
this man died by my arms.

I still do not understand the after life,
plato's theory of form?
I do however have to say
if this is hell then im ok!
the world in which mere mortals dwell
is nothing short of pure...

I still transport back some times,
to when I was too transient.
I see the pain that I have caused
and hope to those those men I am now adored.

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