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An Unforgotten Past
FC (1988 / Spokane)

An Unforgotten Past

I don't need you.
I've got myself to depend on.
I don't need you.
You've always let me down.

Once I held you up so high; on a pedistal so high, but now I see you're just human.
And I can't stand it. No, I just can't stand it.
Everything is so clear now. I 've gone so far from you.
All I can remember are those evil things you do.
You hurt me - and that pain will never go away. It will never go away. Please, just go away. Because I don't like you!

You're everything about me that I just hate.
All the things you do and don't do I despise. I
can see right through you and you're empty lies.
And I just can't stand it anymore!

Why are you the way you are now?
You haven't always been that way.
You used to be my best friend, my mother, my everything.

I used to love you more than words can describe.
Then I found out the truth about you.
And I love you. And I hate you.
I hate you because even after everything I still love you.
Please say you love me more than anything - and I'll be yours forever.

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