An Unheard Plea

Let the rivers flow as they want to be
Let the flowers shine in their brightest glow
Let the crippled, caged bird be set free
To its heart’s content, wherever it wants to go.
A daily thought, a silent prayer,
A constant wish that will bring them near;
To us, establish the bond of love & friendship-
Only we will smile seeing the fruits they’ll reap.

Let the Sun shine in the brightest sky
Let the clouds roam around like carefree children
Let the water transform into vapors that fly
Up, and produce the eternal, torrential rain
These things are only for us to feel
Which can’t be replaced by worthless, human skills
To us, establish the bond that’s so pure-
For our children-their future to be secure.

Let the animals rule the forests-their home
Let the trees stand with all their might
Let the news spread-a fact to be known
To reduce, what is mankind’s unsustainable fight.
Deforestation- a word that is so close to our heart
Eliminating ever green stress part by part
To us, establish the bond of affection & sincerity
That’ll prove fatal for our breathing necessity.

Let the villages stay with their uncivilized ways
Let the cities inundate with some inner warmth
Let the war terminate-endless for days
Let each lucky man have his share of crump!
Let us not annihilate ourselves in a quest to maim
Let us not engage in this bloody, inhuman game
Let the cool air blow- soothe the souls, heal & care
Let us not, anymore, interfere with Nature.

by Somnath Roy

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