An Universal Religion

A building with staircase four
Anyone can reach the first floor,
Climbing any one of the steps.
Or through a lift with no efforts.

Here the first floor means the Almighty,
And the staircases, the religions many,
Each one, to reach Him, tells the way,
But all showing the same path way.

His messengers, God sent to the earth
To places, east, west, north and south
And at different periods and times.
Thus came into force all the religions.

The messenger of each religion
Spoke in the language of his own,
That the God was the Supreme One,
Blessing His creations from the Heaven.

Unaware of this truth, one religion,
Why should fight with another one,
Saying that no other religion
Exists as superior to their own?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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Please accept my warm regards for this valuable poem.
Rajaram: This is a great post. I am a strong believer that we live in one world, threrfore what is wrong with one people one world, one God. I just discovered you postings and will begin reading, (put you on my favorite list} I too am a youngster, just writing poetry for little over 3 years since I discovered poetry and poem hunter my life has been so fullfilled as I discover there is no fences on the internet ah! yes will be 82 in October 2006 charles garcia Sandra Fowler my favorite list. respect her judgement. charles A pleasure for you to read I think my best work a Haiku called Another Sunset Charles