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An Unlucky Misunderstanding

The other day i saw my girl walking with some other man,
they were walking and giggling and havig a time,
and i saw she was holding his hand!

I stood back and spied, my eyes filled with tears,
as i watched this retarded display,
some overly cheerful organ with legs,
was taking my baby away!

As i spied over dumpsters with feeling of hate,
i saw them in close embrace! Now im brokenhearted,
cause before they parted,
i saw her kiss his face.

That ended my garbage espionage,
i thought i had seen enough,
i decided to confront that devilsh girl,
that i once called my true love.

So i typed up an e-mail,
to that sick sick female,
and gave her a chunk of my mind,
but i wont say what i wrote,
but i'll say my words were unkind.

I said it was the end,
but as i hit send,
i heard my telephone ring,
i picked up the reciver and coudnt belive her,
it was my disgusting ex...thing.

She said,
'sorry babe,
i havent seen you all day,
but my older brother is in town,
did i ever tell you he is a big boxer,
one of the best around? !

He'd love to meet you but he's quite protective,
so behave whatever you do,
i'll just check my mail then we'll come by...
oh look there is an e-mail from you!

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