DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

*an Unmistakable Void*

The day you left I followed you
And I'm calling,
I miss this lady now I’m falling
And I’m hurting,

Missing you, I never knew my heart would
Fail to renew & I’m calling as I’m falling
For you to stay here in our past until
My heart stops burning now…

The days we lost had never been
A future for us to of seen
So I’m crawling and I’m falling into the past
Among the warm and stormy wow…

Everything is black and blue
A shock to my heart renewed all the memories
All the memories of you
Can’t find them but I wont stop searching, down

Raising my head into the new
A poisoned pear tree a perfect view
Hanging on it are the memories of you
Take my hand and guide me through
By my side a spirit you
And I’m raising to you, I’m raising
Ending my life and no I don’t mind dying

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