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An Unrequited Heart (A Sonnet)
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

An Unrequited Heart (A Sonnet)

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Too much of this, yet ne'er enough, for you
alone can fill this empty void within my heart
wherein reason fails & of mem'ry all is rue.
I beg you lady, to begin. What's left is all your part.

I've done all that I might do. T'is you who now must start
to return the love that I ha' given freely through the years;
to make it blossom all anew, to soothe away the smart
of those rebuff's 'til now you've shown & henceforth cease all jeers.

It seemeth so, that ne'er will cease, a flowing of my tears.
And here you are: so near yet far & distant in your care
that from my longing heart doth flow a chilling cold of fears
that never more your touch I'll know, or fragrance of your hair.

Tell me love & tell me true, doth hope at all remain?
Or is our future, like our past, a love that longs in vain?

(Copyright 11/25/2005)

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Comments (2)

Nice one Hugh! We can all learn a thing or two from your excellence as a 'Wordsmith'. Respect, Sid John.
This is beautiful, Hugh. Fresh, romantic... I hope she said there is hope. Warmest regards and respect, CJ