# An Untold Story Of A Pebble

Blissfully, at sunrise, walking
On the white sandy river beach,
I folded my denim jeans,
And bent down to reach
Out for some pebbles
Resplendent in the Sun’s rays,

Below a moss covered rock
In the palest of hues,
Childlike, picture of
Please, I beseech
Let me rest a while,
Am tired of an arduous

Did I hear
A silent plea
Or my mind as usual
Was in overdrive…
Tremulously, I put it back
With reverence…

Hey, it called back,
Come again
This is my temporary habitat,
I want to share the story
Of my adventure
And how I ended here.

Although my colour, shape
And size gives away,
It entreated
Like a child
Waiting for a gleam
Of excitement in my eyes

To my surprise
I said out aloud, you bet
I can’t wait,
I shall return at sunset.
But when I went back
Before my eyes
A big, gushing wave
Carried it away…

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (9)

Earth has thousands of untold stories. This one is especially poignant. Beautiful write, Mamta. Love, SandraX
i am that pebble... love is that pebble... life is that pebble.... we all are pebbles... sad, let me tell you something.. a river near to my village home had innumerable pebbles... now they rest on courtyards of the rich... greed of men can make even a pebble immovable...
Being a lover of Philosophy, I look upon this pebble as a precious little life - lying on the vast shores of humanity, - to be finally consumed into the lap of Eternity! 10! -Raj Nandy
PHILOSOPHICAL with great imagery and good flow.
Desires instant, want to acquire Whether time and energy fall in line? How many of us can listen To the inner voice before acquire? In a philosopher's quote - 'We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful Feeling within me to read this poem About the inner meaning this poem gave me. Dear Poet, Heartfelt feelings from me On this poem of yours.
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