A Lesson In Courage (My Beautiful Mother)

A lesson in courage
That’s what my mother is
A beautiful flower
I was born with in

I thought I could live without her
But she is the air I breathe
I was tired of all her words
But she is my sun, my star, my world

I know I’ve hurt her many times before
But it’s just my stupid way of saying:
“I love you more than I ever did before”
Is immature, I know, I still have a lot of things to learn

I thought I could live far away from her
I probably could, but it wouldn’t be the same
I have laugh of her silly ways
But she’s lovelier than a summer’s day

She’s the sea full of emotions
Deep, cold, warm and furious emotions

She’s the mountain that stands at a distance
So tall and grand, so rocky and steeped

She’s the breeze that’s humid and free
She caresses the wind when she walks in between

My mother is a lesson in courage
That is what she is
She the reason I live for
And I would really really miss her when she’s gone

She’s my space
And she’s filled with greatness
She’s my peace
She was my first awakening

She’s a stone
The hardest of all
And I’m only as strong
As she has ever been, as she will ever be

A lesson in courage
That’s what my mother is
Such a beautiful moment
When ever I meet her arms

And I’m sorry I have broken her heart
I should handle with care such an extraordinary love
But I’m still young and unaware of her perfection
She’s the sweetest and bravest of all the creations

She’s my reason to live
She’s the star that guides my north, my south
My east and west
She owns all my respect

She deserves the best
And my every sublime conquest
She is the master
Behind this beautiful prospect

My mother is my heaven and my hell
She’s the motor that propels
She is greatness and she’s strong
The most beautiful of all

My mother is a lesson in courage
That’s what she is
A beautiful flower
I’m still learning how to gently handle

I love my mother
My beautiful mother
That’s who she is
My beautiful mother

by Angelica Duardo

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