MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

An Urge Of A Wave

A perturbed wave of the ocean,
Stroke against rocks smashing herself,
Beat her head ashore erasing the prints,
Of hopes from the sandy beach, and turned
Into rubble the castles of dreams.

Who says restless demolishing wave,
Was a rival to hopes or fleeting dreams;
She surged up only to be incarnated,
Out of the tyrannous confinement,
In the form of compact visible reality.

The same wave once at the moon lit night,
Plunged into my heart: the ocean deeper than
The Pacific, Atlantic or the Arabian Sea.
But often she now breaks confining beach,
And assumes the form of a concrete entity,
Incarnated with the captivating smile,
Wearing the borrowed cloak of poetry,
Enthralling hearts and maddening minds.

by Muhammad Shanazar

Comments (1)

I live next to the sea and have seen it in all it's moods. This is an excellent poem.