An Use Of Romance In Life!

In real life of world today, ideas of romance are impossible for many;
Many stories, poems and movies are created out of romantic stuff only;
Only romance seems to ease the tension of mind in everyday life here;
Here what's important is not documentation of daily chores but romance!

Romance only entertains all hearts and makes all think of new ideas of life;
Life needs renewal and renovation to lead a better way of life in the world;
World is a bubble floating in the Universe under the influence of Sun ever;
Ever it is not possible to be intelligent, but by imagination we win all..!

All are for joy, pleasure and satisfaction that are beyond the reach of man;
Man is just a bundle of emotion and sentiments dreaming in fantasy of heaven;
Heaven and hell are the products of mind to correct man from going astray....;
Astray all may go, if there is no moral check for all in human society sure!

Sure it is by imagination and vision, we know full picture of life to live;
Live is the mind and heart, if whole truth of life and way to live is known!

by Ramesh T A

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