Ana (Anorexia)

Poem By Samantha White

I hate you because you're taking over me,
but I love you 'cause you're making me the girl I want to be.
Why do I love you when all you do is put me down?
Making me starve 'till I fit into the smallest gown.
With the loss of each pound I'm closer to my goal,
with your help I will make this broken girl whole.
Filled with fear at every bite I take,
my plan will be ruined with just a bite of that cake.
Counting calories and fearing how much I weigh,
I am beginning to learn that you are here to stay.
My reflection has become something I fear,
I dread the time when I will look into that mirror.
The pains in my stomach seem to never go away,
It grumbles with hunger while in bed I lay.
Every little bit of food I take in,
Must come back up to make me thin.
If I disobey anything you tell me to do,
If I really swallow the food I chew.
I must stick my finger down my throat once again,
and all the food must come up despite the pain.
You have become my only true friend;
I fear the day our relationship must end.
But I know that you are here for a while,
so I hide our friendship behind a smile.
Oh Ana help me to become beautiful and strong,
I know that it is with you that I belong.

By: Samantha White

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