FRA (March 29 / Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines)

+ana Isabel Ramirez-Bosch,32

(With Emmanuel Levinas)

In Memoriam
+ January 11,2009

Free from totalities of sea earth and sky
Free from imaginal plays of sense
Free from proud graspings of reason
Free from echoing chambers of heart
Ana Isabel Bosch mother lover of life
Here there she is beyond essence
Totally Other and otherwise than being
Beyond anguish and anxieties of dark rooms
She disturbs questions static patterns
Of our lives with traces of her presence
Telling all beloved and stranger alike
There is no death but only only
Dying to one’s self for better life
Ever creative redemptive and sanctifying
For the Other one must be responsible for
In the way it was for her the way it is
And must be for us this side of infinity
So we thank her and bless her

Free from silences from language
Free from s/canned rhymes and rhythms
Free from flows of melody and dance
Free from God’s personal eternity
Ana Isabel Bosch poet singer of life
Here there she is free in the infinity
Of time her our time pastpresentfuture
Blessed with unending desire unbounded
Responsibility for the Other trace of God
Here there she is my our Other commanding
Me us not to kill her her poems songs blogs
Not to kill ourselves in the prisons of being
But to open our nakedness to infinity of care
And joy beyond being otherwise than being
Beyond solitude of poetry mountain and valley
To undefine helplessness of our faces
That we may gaze at the Other her face pure
Unthematized as we thank her and bless her

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