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Analog@2005 ' If I Loved You '
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Analog@2005 ' If I Loved You '

Is there anyway I could express
What you mean to me
And how much I love you
I don't think that is possible

I would have to describe a brilliant sunset on
a Warm musky summer eve
I would have to tell you of the smell of green
After a beautiful colored rainbow
In a misty wet rain
Or the happiness seeing your smile
As your eyes light up and pierce my heart

Could I leave a love so pure so radiant
That my poor heart remains a prison
Just for you
No I couldn't
Is that unrequited

You are beautiful
You are evrything I would like to be
For the human heart is a mirror of things
That are far away and deep within
A wave that rushes the shore of humanity
Carrying in its bosom
The beauty which is you
And the purity of spirit
That you are
Out of everywhere
Into my heart

Who gave you those eyes
That flash their image
To penetrate my soul
Sent from the heavens
As I passed by

When did I touch that little tear
As it was waiting for you
Did God think of you and bring me here
To wish a soul so divine
That angels on cherubs wings
Could form your heart to mine
And unite my humble moments
Of suffering into joy
Gladdening its hour
Into its eternal douaire
Of immortality

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Comments (2)

Free verse another of your many poetic talents. Love this poem, it got to me emotionally. It's a 10.
'For the human heart is a mirror of things That are far away and deep within...' Now that's poetry!