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Analogy: President Bush And Iraq

The problem is pike:
someone dropped
a pair in the lake,
and these savage predators
are multiplying,
eating all the other fish,
whose natural habitat this is.

Your mind is a vast, vast net.
You throw it and its resources
into the lake
to try to surround all the pike.

If you leave even two
they'll infest the whole place again.
Then you'll cast your net once more,

maybe a bigger net,
to try to get it around
the whole problem
once and for all.

It's hard to tell, each time—
you can boast of success at first.

Sooner or later, though,
it will be obvious to all:
the pike will be gone,
or only pike will remain.

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Comments (8)

Very clever and well considered. Thoroughly enjoyed this - thankyou. Hugs Anna xxx
Max - Like the pike, the terrorists will always be there, just out of sight, waiting to rear their ugly heads just when you think you got 'em all. Great perspective on a no-win scenerio. Linda
Max, Extremely high marks here. Clever approach metaphorically. Encourages me to want to read more of your work and indeed I shall starting right now. Kudos! Gregory
It looks like you're getting back into the swing of things, Max. A fine metaphor and a very good poem. I read about the pike problem a few years back. It's happening in many different places, actually.
A piece to think about Max. Well put together and had me scratching my head for a while.
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