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Analyzing A Snowflake
NE Newo Enec (1991- / )

Analyzing A Snowflake

Looking out the window
She could see an endless expanse of beauty
The brilliant white of virgin snow captivated her
It fascinated her with its pure simplicity
And the perfect ways flakes fall
Upon the chill December ground
Could never be dreampt of repeating
Its methods, its Creator resound
Throughout a Christmas dream
To the chorus in the clouds
And the crystal's daring gleam
She could see in nature, Life
Life's beginnings and even destination
She could read the Wonder of the Earth
And feel everywhere salvation
Beyond all of our shallow desires
Lies the secret to being
Beneath our outward appearance
Is the right way of seeing
Open our eyes, so that we may see
Open our ears, so that we may hear
The truth, because it is what
We are desiring
The Truth is all we need

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This is beautiful! ! -Vonda