QG (16th august,1987 / KANIGIRI)

Duterte[s Fight

Melvin D Banggollay

D-igong as he was fondly called by friends
Now is the Country's president making trends
Of exposing the truth of governments graft
As well as drugs menace causing much raft.

U-nder his watch, untouchable personalities
Were exposed to have caused much criminalities
Not only being involved in billions of corruption
But even criminalities including drugs promotion.

T-he time for us to wake up fellow Filipinos
To rally behind against the Presidents foes
For he desires not just to have clean government
But he wanted to serve for our betterment.

E-veryday, death is being heard all over the country
Saying its all extrajudicial killing as a social malady
As exposed by media and those against the integrity
Of Duterdes leadership whom I know we need badly.

R-isking his honor, life and even his presidency
He bravely exposed PNP generals with authority
And lot more government officials in the country
To have been doped and in illegal drug activity.

T-he truth of the matter is now being known
With the relentless effort our PNP had shown
In their tireless mission to clean up criminality
To safeguard the life and property of everybody.

E-ven if we have to look back to our nations history
The past administration never dared to solve criminality
That at their term drug menace even became an industry
That caused lot of broken homes and lost of life of many.

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This is a gem of a write... nice nice
Egos’ were given prime importance And I was left to fate Not to seek your mere attendance Let me know the greatest crime I committed? ...............i like this stanza most... emotionally charged poem...9
Great poem indeed.. Keep penning... Read some of my work. Hope you'll like it
Anamika meaning unnamed in hindi is an apt title to this emotional poem of yours. It is sad that children feel orphaned because of absence of love due to ego clashes of parents. What will you call this love? Anamika...very true. Well penned.
I can gauge the depth of desperation felt by Anamika as I too have dealt with the same topic in two of my poems- Lone Traveller and Bonsai... When you find time, have a look at them! Poignantly narrated, Queeny!
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