Ananda 2 - The Indescribable Bliss

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

To let go of all material wealth,
To push out all desires,
To chuck out the ego,
To let lose oneself in divinity,
By embracing love - pure love,
Only then, can you achieve Ananda!

To pursue only the path of devotion,
To serve with selfless motives,
To open up to the will of God,
To realise the oneness of creation,
Through sympathy and empathy,
Only then, can you behold Ananda!

The mystic wanders - as a subject
Seeking his God - the Object,
As the mystic embraces love
And the love ripens like a juicy fruit,
The duality ceases - no subject or object!
Only then, can you experience Ananda!

Comments about Ananda 2 - The Indescribable Bliss

Ananda is not so easy to understand or to attain through ordinary material techniques. Only when the duality of the subject (seeker) and the object () ceases to exist in the light of intense devotion, this can be experienced. The poem unfolds another aspect of spiritual delight. Thanks, Geeta ji, for sharing the poem.
A precious poem so brilliantly penned! The spiritual grace of this poem is heart touching: To pursue only the path of devotion/To serve with selfless motives/To open up to the will of /To realize the oneness of creation/Through sympathy and empathy/Only then, can you achieve Ananda! .......You have eloquently depicted the great ideals propounded by the highly evolved souls or Yogis....Thanks for sharing....10.
On the title, Geeta, indeed words fail, seem paltry, to describe the deep, profound, and life-altering experiences of touching us. The word pure is used to render one of the beatitudes of Jesus, as in Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see. The meaning of the word, as I understand it, is not that the person is free of sin (for no one is such) but rather pure in the sense of focus, of wanting. Nothing like life’s troubles and heartbreaks to prepare our hearts’ soil, no? -Glen
Something that I cannot achieve, but is is so nice to know about it from an outstanding poem. Thank you Geeta.
Pure divine love embraces mind and we feel inner light with wisdom and love. This is an interesting and beautiful philosophical poem very well and excellently penned. This deeply touches heart...10

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