Ananda 3 - The Unity Of The Triad

Poem By Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

When devotion is steady and intense,
The devotee gains knowledge,
Knowledge of unity of existence,
Knowledge of Oneness or togetherness
The unity of consciousness
Of Self in all beings and all in the Self.

Ananda! The unity of the triad,
The knower,
The knowing,
The known!
The three are not three entities
But just one unit of love!

Ananda cannot be measured with a tape,
Ananda cannot be tasted like a delicacy
Ananda cannot be acquired like a property,
Ananda cannot be inherited from the forefathers;
Ananda has to be earned with infinite love,
Ananda has to be experienced by the silent inner being!

Comments about Ananda 3 - The Unity Of The Triad

So very true, Geeta ji. It cannot be measured, tasted or inherited like the worldly things. 'Ananda has to be earned with infinite love' and devotion to the Almighty.
Hi, Geeta! On your last stanza, amen, that which is invisible endures. I’m reminded of the prologue to the Gospel of John which says something like those who want and trust Christ are gifted by Christ to be born anew to their true selves. From my brief experiences of ananda, I’m persuaded they come not by effort but by grace. The wanting—desperation—may precede these visitations, but I know of instances where broke in without even this. Is this your experience? -Glen
Learning is so much fun when it is through lovely poems, I am enjoying the process and happy with the knowledge gained. Thank you Geeta.
Through devotion devotee gains knowledge and power. Bliss beautifies inner beauty and life. This is interesting to achieve spiritual excellence. A lovely poem this is. This gives excellent spiritual essence. You have truly said everything. Bliss is beyond measurement..10
A great philosophic and spiritual poem, I think ananda is peace of mind, it's a holy river having it's source in love.

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